Wreath make over


While I was doing a small amount of Halloween decorating in the kitchen, and making some blackened jars for votives,

I also put together a Halloween wreath that I am using on our front door this year.

It has had a bit of a makeover….

Initially, this wreath was hot pink. Yup. Hot pink. I used it for Valentines day once, years ago. Since then it has been an attic dweller.

Having a light bulb moment, I pulled it out, dusted it off and changed it up to give it a new life.

Repurpose, reuse, recycle, y’all!

This is the color it was before the makeover, in all it’s pink glory.



All I had to do was give it a really good coat of spray paint (a can or so is plenty) making sure to get all the angles to cover the original color.  And I would suggest that you pre-fluff your wreath before spray painting, to avoid having to touch it up later.

This is the wreath after it was coated with Krylon black spray paint. Much better already.



When it was dry, I added 4 pieces of glittery Halloween Swag. I am a huge fan of all things glittery!

 I took apart the largest, the bat, to make 2 pieces out of it, and attached them with some floral wire.

The pieces cost one dollar or less each and the paint was about $3.50 per can, so total cost for the wreath was around $7.00. That is thrifty if I do say so myself!

Now, it has a shiny, festive new life!




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Transformations of old friends


I am a big fan of spray paint!

I find many times that instead of buying something new for a certain spot in the house, I can just change the color of a piece I already have sitting in the attic by hitting it with some spray paint. Or, if I see a good deal on something but the color is just not right, I can change it to the color I need with one little can or less.

For example, the basket pictured above was $2 at the Habitat restore but was faded and sad. A little oil rubbed bronze spray paint gave it a whole new life.

Here are some other things around the house that I have spray painted…

When I bought these two, the owl was green and the bird cage was yellow. That worked fine before, but In this house I wanted them both to be a neutral color. I used a gloss on the owl to give him that nice shine.


This little table was the perfect size, and in the right price range I was looking for, except it was white and I needed it to be brown to match a table I already had (so I  could use them as night stands in a guest room). Spray paint came to the rescue!


I have had these candle holders for about 10 years.

Yhey have been three different colors Brown, silver and now oil rubbed bronze.

I think I have gotten my monies worth out of them!


This vintage picture frame was a cherry color with a picture of roses in it.It was very dark, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it.

It has been in the attic for years. Now I love it’s bright and happy look.


And these baskets we’re left over from something or other. Just boring old banana leaf baskets.

Now with a fresh new color, they hold games in the den.

I am a neutral person but these would also be fun in bright colors, or even with some numbers added to the front of each. Maybe I’ll try that one of these days.


Anyway, This is my spray paint of choice that you can find pretty much  anywhere.

They have lots of colors and options like ” dries in 10 minutes” or one with a primer for only about $5 a can.

Pennies a spray really. Can’t beat that!