Water drying Hydrangea


This summer an Annabelle Hydrangea in our yard bloomed so much and was so lovely that I wanted to save some of the flowers to have in the house this winter.

 If you are not familiar with Annabells, they start off green and as the bloom grows they turn white. You will have lovely large white flowers for  some time and then they return back to green at the end of  the season. The longer you wait to cut them, the more they change to a vintage color. I went ahead and cut some at the end of their bloom while they were the green color.

There are several suggested ways to dry your flowers, including silica gel. I decided to try the water drying technique. The concept is that they dry out slowly once they are no longer in full bloom.

I clipped the flowers (with long stems for ease of handling) and placed them in  jars that were about half  filled with water, per instructions. Then I placed them in a room away from sunlight to do their thing.

After about a week, the water was gone and the petals and stems were dry.

It couldn’t have been any easier.  And the results? I think they look very close to when they were fresh cut. What do you think? I think It will be nice to have them around when the summer is long gone.