Autumn on the porch


Well, it’s Fall.

I know this is a lot of people’s favorite season and I am excited for you to enjoy it!

I have already shared some of the seasonal touches around the inside of our house (some have been updated already, of course) and today I am showing a little outdoor porch space that’s dressed for fall too. This is actually a side porch on the house. Keeping in our style, it’s super casual.

I just pulled things from around the house, like a wooden bowl with apples and linens, as well as a lantern I recently gave a fresh coat of paint, etc….and put them on an old potting bench, I bought locally this past spring.

I also wrapped  some leaves around a grapevine wreath and hung it on the door (this house was built in the 50s, that door weighs as a much as I do, and has a Dutch door behind it).

And I bought some seasonal flowers.


If you are looking for low cost, low time commitment seasonal sprucing up, then this is for you. You don’t have to be a decorator, have a ton of disposable income, or even lots of free time. Just some simple touches will do.

Happy Fall Y’all!







Oh, and this is Bubba Gump, our rescued Chihuahua.

He loves sitting on this porch & insisted on being in the pictures (even though he doesn’t like the sound of the camera).


small p


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