Halloween in a jar


With Halloween right around the corner, I am starting to put together a few inexpensive things for the house.

This is a great season for candles and I thought, instead of buying some votive candle holders with a Halloween theme, I can just make pretty holders myself.

So, I blackened some mason jars to give them that “spooky” Halloween feel, and then added a ribbon and black votive candles.  The total cost was less than $2 (for the candles).



Here is what I did;

First I gathered a few mason jars that I had on hand, but any kind would be cute. You can even just pull some out of the recycle bin and mix & match them with different shapes and sizes for an eclectic look.

Next, I grabbed one of those outdoor, long lighters and used it to blacken the inside of the jars. You can see how the jars looked before I started, when they were clear.



It only takes a few minutes to do each jar, and you can make them as dark as you want. It will wash off when you are done using them, so you can re-purpose them for something else or throw them back into the recycle bin if that’s where you got them. No waste.

I added a touch of copper glitter to the bottoms of the jars along with the votive candles, topping them off with some black ribbon I already had.

That’s it. Cheap & easy. My favorite kind of project.

I really like them, and I’m pretty sure they are going to look even better when the candles inside are burning for Halloween in a few weeks!




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