Plates & platters


I am one of the many people that have an affection for white Ironstone pottery.

If you are not familiar with Ironstone,  it is pottery first made in the 1800s that is collectible and can be very pricey.

You can also find inexpensive pieces, if you do some hunting and don’t mind imperfections. I actually like them a little banged up, a chip does not bother me, and I love crazing. I don’t have a ” collection” , just random plates, platters, bowls & pitchers that I have found here and there.

So, when I was contemplating what to fill a bare area of a wall with, I turned my thoughts to my Ironstone.

I liked the idea of the simplicity of Ironstone because the main wall in the entry is very busy. I didn’t want that part of the house to be overwhelming.

I don’t like a cluttered feel and I don’t feel the need to fill every empty space, but it needed something. And I already had enough pieces for a small grouping, so it was a low cost solution.


When I thought about how to hang the very heavy pieces, I wanted to hang them without the older style plate hangers that are visible.

I wanted a cleaner presentation. Looking into my options, I found adhesive hangers online, and I also found a diy way to hang them on Pinterest. I decided to try both.

The disc hangers are simple to use and come in several sizes for different weights. To apply them, just wet the back lightly until the disk has a nice paste. Place the disk on the back of the plate, let it dry over night and you are done.

Couldn’t be easier.




I also tried out the Pinterest diy version.

This involved using an epoxy glue and a picture hanger. I had plenty of the  picture hangers on hand, so I just picked up a brand of glue that was easy to use and got started.

I found that this technique was messier and the epoxy glue smells terrible. Like a bad 80’s perm terrible. I would suggest doing it outside. But it was simple enough, just apply the glue and the hanger and let it dry over night just like the disc.

This technique does work and would be a cost saver if you are hanging a lot of plates.


But after trying both ways to hang my pieces, I would recommend the disc hangers. They are not messy and they are oder free. I found them on Amazon and they came in about 3 days. I even got a lovely note from the vendor thanking me for my second order.

I am happy with the final look and there is enough room to add more pieces as I find them.

It’s so much more special to me to hand pick pieces, rather than just buy a generic something at the store.