My husband and I, along with our large family of rescued companion animals, recently relocated to the lovely semi- rural Chadds Ford, PA from the city of Richmond, VA.

Getting settled in the country “Up North” was like moving to the moon., it is so different. There are lots of horses, corn and one lane roads. There are even covered bridges. You would never think this area is only 30 miles south west of Philadelphia. It is called ” The western suburbs”.

Our first winter here was challenging, to say the least. But, regardless, I love this house  (even if it cost a fortune, because the cost of living is so high) and I am making the best of living here.

This house was built in the 50’s (we like older homes) and was the original house on about 15 or so acres of land (that land is now a few houses). It sits on a hill with an amazing view, sunrises and all. When we first moved in, I would say things like “its windy up on the hill today” and it just kind of stuck. So the blog is named after my new house “Up on the Hill”.

Join me as I decorate on a budget & craft some stuff up, in an effort to make this beautiful place home, without driving my husband to the poor house.

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