Glitter Pears

This weekends easy project was to add glitter to some old faux pears to give them an update for the holidays.

I will be using them from Thanksgiving thru Christmas


All I had to do,

was take pears I have had for years, and spray them with an adhesive spray and sprinkle with glitter.

 I am all about low cost and low time commitment crafts. This was both. I used inexpensive gold and copper glitter and Elmer’s spray glue and it took maybe 30 minutes.

I sprayed each pear one by one ( outside on the porch, with gloves on, that stuff is super sticky!) and then brought each one in and sprinkled glitter aground most of it.



My little biscuit kept me company until he got bored.


I didn’t worry about the glitter being perfect or the same on each one, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty.  I just did a nice dusting to make them festive for the holidays.

I also added glitter to a white “S” initial (for our last name) that was just lying around in a drawer.




I think these colors are beautiful for Thanksgiving, don’t you?

For Christmas, I will add some candles or greens or both, which I think will be oh so pretty.  And I love things that can serve double duty from one holiday to the next!

small p



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7 thoughts on “Glitter Pears

  1. I do love glitter…on just about anything but it is especially looking good on pears..:) They look wonderful.
    I like things that can be used for the different holidays, too. My little glitter pumpkins are getting red and white bows that will take them all the way to the New Year. 🙂


  2. Karen,
    I love your glitter pears and they will be so beautiful for fall and Thanksgiving and even Christmas. Beautiful.


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