Kitchen on the hill


Welcome to our kitchen! It is one of my favorite rooms up on the hill.

The kitchen is the first room I saw when I looked at this house. When I walked in, I knew it was the one.

There are two sides of the room, the dinning side and the cooking side. This side of the room, the dinning side, has a picture window with an amazing view and a working fireplace.

The paint colors were already here, yellow & gold.

The room was a tiny bit large for our old table & 4 chairs, so my husband built me this great farmhouse style table in one weekend. We got the basic plans on Pinterest to use as a guide. It has 4 chairs and a bench. I already had 3 of the chairs, I just picked up another chair for the end of the table and now we have plenty of seating for guests.



The fun thing about a 6ft table is plenty of space for a large center piece.

This is my summer table scape. An Iron stone pitcher, pottery barn outlet finds, and a nest with eggs.

The eggs were actually bright pink from an Easter display, I spray painted them white (if y’all  don’t know how I love to use spray paint, look for that blog in the archives!) all in a tray from Home Goods.

I will change it out seasonally, and although I don’t want to rush the seasons, I am looking forward to doing one for the winter holiday!


Here you can see one of our four fireplaces.

The lights on the wall were actually a pewter color, I painted them black with some craft paint. It is on my list of things-to-do to change them out for something more modern this winter.

The chalkboard is something sentimental I saved from our dear friends engagement party that we hosted in our last home.

The cow pillow on the chair was a gift. I adore it.


I have had this side board for a very long time.

It has been in an apartment and 4 houses. Twice in the dinning room and twice in the entry way, now here in the kitchen.

It was originally white, I changed the color years ago. I still like it, so no plans to change it anytime soon. I think I got it for free, or maybe $10 or something.


This picture was a Virginia Living magazine cover around 2006 or so. I thought it was so pretty, I had it custom matted and framed.

It is especially meaningful now that we are away from home.


I bought this owl cookie jar at Anthropologie.

He adds color to the side of the room with the dark cabinets. My husband is not allowed to actually put cookies in him. 

And now to the other half of the room.

This side is where my husband does his cooking. I mostly just use the fridge…

It was very difficult to find a house up north that has a renovated kitchen, so although this would not be my choice of cabinet color, at least they are not from the year I was born.

The counters are white Corian and green granite. You can’t see the refrigerator, but it is covered like the cabinets for a nice clean look. The ceiling is beadboard, which I love.


The kitchen has the entrance that everyone comes through and it leads out to a brick patio that we use for grilling and entertaining as much as possible.

You can just see the patio table umbrella in the picture below.

On the longest counter, I have a large Ironstone bowl and some antique rolling pins & wooden spoons. I think this may be the start of a new obsession.


And last but not least, this sweet little Ironstone soap dish on the window sill.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our kitchen and can see why it is one of my favorite rooms up on the hill.


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9 thoughts on “Kitchen on the hill

  1. Your home is very comfortable and inviting.Isn’t it great having a big dining room table to work with when?” I play with my dishes I feel I have this giant canvas (looks like a huge hershey bar yum) to work on and much more room to spread out on.Susie


  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the breadboard ceiling. I have it in my living room and my basement kitchen and it is my favorite thing about both rooms. The table your husband made is perfect and I love the sideboard as well! So happy to have you share it with Share Your Cup! I’m sure it’s not intentional, but I’m not seeing a link back to the party.


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